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Connecting Students and Seniors for shared mentorship

The Learners Link program will strengthen our community by matching our youth and seniors for one on one training. Sessions will run weekly at the Cobourg YMCA between 8:30am – 11:00am.

Please contact the YMCA for dates and to set up your participation.

Download the Learners Link Brochure

Get ahead with today’s technology

Seniors can gain a new sense of freedom by learning how to navigate the online and digital world. Any topic of interest can be covered. Our youth volunteers will be happy to cater your sessions to meet your needs. Gain computer skills in areas such as Internet Navigation, E-mail, Online Safety, Blogs and more. Learn how to use technology as a communication tool to connect with your family and friends.

Young adults supporting older adults going digital

This program provides a great opportunity for inter generational collaboration and develops skills for all participants. Elders can learn how technology may enrich and benefit their day to day lives. Youth can learn communications, technology, and teaching skills.

For dates and to set up your participation, please register at Membership Services.

More information contact Tracey Dafoe:
905.372.9247 ext. 234