Impact Stories

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Abeer, Sama and Abdulla

Abeer Al-Salihi and her family arrived in Canada in 2014 with limited income and very few friends and family, but it didn’t take them long to become a part of the YMCA Northumberland family. Read more


Living with OCD, ADHD and Tourette’s syndrome, keeping physically active is really important for Jeff and helps him to release energy and stay focused. He has developed many long-lasting friendships with staff and other members and enjoys going to the Brighton YMCA every day. Read more


At was 11 years old, Hayden began living full-time with his great-grandparents, Sheila and Garfield, who had recently gained full custody of him. He was enrolled in a new school and was encouraged to join extra-curricular activities to meet new friends and enjoy physical activity. Read more


Gabe has lived within Northumberland County all his life. He has been involved with Community Living West Northumberland for the past 26 years, which has given him the opportunity to volunteer at the Cobourg YMCA, through our partnership with Community Living that gives their participants the opportunity to volunteer and engage in healthy living. Read more



As a child growing up in Toronto, Eric`s participation in YMCA youth programs and summer camps, assisted him in building the footing to learn leadership skills, face challenges and acquire positive values. The YMCA became a place where he felt he belonged, was safe and connected. In Eric’s words he “considered himself part of the family”. Read more

theMooreys_400x380Olivia, Georgia and Alan

At the YMCA, we understand that the first six years of a child’s life are the most influential to their development. How children are engaged in those first six years sets the stage for their lifelong learning, behaviour, health, and continued development. Alan & Olivia began visiting the Hastings OEYC… Read more

townSends_400x380Melissa and Nicholas

When Melissa & Mark moved to Port Hope three years ago they were facing uncertainty and were in need of support. They were looking for child care for their son Nicholas and daughter Faith, but were concerned with finding a place where they could be confident their children would be properly cared for and supervised. Read more

theGirlsAGM_400x380Abigail, Bria, Cammy, Sophia, and Aidhana

Everyday kids are proving to us through their actions and words that they want to, and need to develop their qualities of social responsibility and humanity. Characteristics like goodwill, self-sacrifice and empathy are concepts they must explore for themselves. Read more