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YMCA Peace Week

November 18 – 25, 2017

YMCA Peace Week is a time when we celebrate the presence of peace in our local and global communities, and reflect on the peace-building work that happens all year both inside and outside the YMCA.

What is Peace?
More than the absence of violence and conflict, peace is the presence of conditions like fairness, inclusion, empathy, security, and respect for diversity. Peace is also the ongoing work of building and rebuilding these conditions. The YMCA is dedicated to strengthening the foundations of community-and peace is fundamental to strong and healthy communities.

Peace Medal Award

The YMCA Peace Medal is presented to an individual or group providing a model of how each of us can contribute to caring, community, and peace. The YMCA has awarded medals to individuals and groups, youth and adults for their efforts to change our community and our world through selfless action. YMCA Northumberland, together with YMCA associations across Canada, urges our community to celebrate the local people who work to make a difference in the lives of others, and who demonstrate how any one of us can make a meaningful contribution to peace, a better community, and a better world.

Nomination deadline is Friday, October 27th at 5 p.m.

Nominate someone for a Peace Medal
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Past Peace Medal recipients

1988 Youth Aengus Finnan and Erica Naish

1993 Gary O’Dwyer and Nancy Dalgarno

1994 Evelyn Wittman

1995 Lenie Rhenbergen

1996 Jacqueline and Ron Neun

1997 Adult Dorothy Allen
Youth Danielle Pierce

1998 Roberta Fuller

1999 Paul and Anne Burnham

2000 Father Timothy Coughlan

2001 Rod Baker, Gordon and Marion Sherwin

2002 Dr Paul Caldwell and Dr Bill Moebus

2003 Doug Cunningham

2004 Adult Carroll and June Mallory
Youth Patrick Clark

2005 Adult Robert Birt
Youth Ashlea Hegedus-Viola

2006 Adult Dr Robert Scott
Youth CDCI West Interac Club

2007 Adult Hamilton Township Community Works
Youth East Northumberland Secondary School

2008 Adult Chris Blastorah
Youth St Mary Secondary School Social Justice Committee

2009 Adult Danielle Kennedy
Youth Meyada Widaatalla

2010 Adult Jeff Kawzenuck and Stephen Truelove, Tracy and Arnie Henkel
Youth Laura Cleave

2011 Adult Doug Bates
Youth Rhian Catton

2012 Adult Stephanie Williams and Dennis Lusisa
Youth Michael Perry, Simone Robert

2013 Adult Martha and Dik Habermehl, Bryan Marjoram
Youth Raya and Dylan Rickerby

2014 Adult Yvonne O’Neill
Youth Caroline Birch
Group Greenwood Coalition

2015 Adult Zac Andrus
Youth Jessica Kernan
Group A.B.I Anti-Bullying Initiative