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What Is Operation Red Nose?
Operation Red Nose is a national program dedicated to the fight against drinking and driving. It is a free, confidential, volunteer-driver service offered to any individual who has been drinking or who simply do not feel fit to drive his/her vehicle home.

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How Operation Red Nose works

You’ve gone to a house party or your office Christmas party or just out to the bar for a drink and it’s time to go home, but you do not feel comfortable driving.

Call our Headquarters and a team of 3 will come and drive you home safely in your own car.  Two people will get in your car with you and the 3rd person will follow behind.

Your car will be parked in your driveway and you will be escorted to your door.  We’ll even drive your babysitter home (as long as one parent comes with us).

Frequently Asked Questions & Info

Is this a taxi service?
Operation Red Nose isn’t a taxi service. It’s a unique program that gets both vehicles and drivers home safely. So while anyone can call, you must have a vehicle in order to get a ride. You also need to wear seat belts so if you have more passengers than seat belts, someone will be staying behind.

Is the service confidential?
Absolutely! All volunteers sign a form agreeing not to provide any information that might be used to identify a client, their passengers or their addresses. So don’t let worries about discretion drive you away.

What does it cost to use Operation Red Nose?
Operation Red Nose Northumberland is FREE but donations are gratefully accepted. All donations will go towards the YMCA Annual Strong Kids Campaign.

How do I use Operation Red Nose?
When you are ready to be picked up call our headquarters at 905 377 1218 and a team will be dispatched to your location at the earliest opportunity. Please note, we can not accept reservations due to the operational requirements of the service.

What is the operating area for Operation Red Nose?
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Who can volunteer?
You can volunteer by yourself or with friends, for one evening or as many as you can spare. Volunteers must have a valid driver’s license and submit a Volunteer Application form and Police Information Check form.

Can I volunteer with a group of coworkers?
Definitely! We have a Volunteer Group package that will help you organize your office volunteers.

Will the volunteer drivers be compensated for their mileage?
Yes, thanks to our generous sponsors, all volunteer drivers will be given gas cards to cover their mileage expenses.

Is there insurance for the drivers?
Operation Red Nose covers insurance throughout the duration of the program. All volunteer drivers will be fully covered.

What are the dates of operation?
November 24 & 25
December 1 & 2
December 8 & 9
December 15 & 16
December 22 & 23
December 31

Operation Red Nose Northumberland HQ

Cobourg Police Services
107 King St W Cobourg,ON