Swim Lessons

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The YMCA National Learn to Swim program encourages growth and development as one learns fundamental swimming skills. Our swimming lessons build confidence through a multilevel teaching approach, allowing children to learn at their own pace. Highly qualified instructors teach children, youth and adults how to swim and develop lifelong water safety skills. The YMCA Swim Program delivers a nationally recognized curriculum that is equivalent to and transferable with the Red Cross and Lifesaving Society Swim Programs.

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Lil’ Dippers

Splasher/Bubbler (6mo – 3yrs)

Caregiver assisting child program to develop comfort in the water, familiarity to environment and to promote water fun.

Red Cross equivalent: Starfish/Duck/Sea Turtle 

Bobber ( 3 – 5 years)

Gaining comfort in the water, blowing bubbles with gradual facial immersion, front & back floats with assistance.

Red Cross equivalent: Sea Otter

Floater (3 – 5 years)

Must be comfortable entering and exiting the pool on their own, as well as putting their face in the water. To complete: child must be able to float on their front and back and swim 5m unassisted.

Red Cross equivalent: Salamander

Glider (3 – 5 years)

Must be able to float, swim 5m unassisted in shallow water. Must be comfortable beginning the transition from shallow to deep water with assistance.

Red Cross equivalent: Sunfish

Diver (3 – 5 years)

Comfort in deep water. To complete: 10m back and front swim with leg and arm action, as well as front and back float in deep water.

Red Cross equivalent: Crocodile

Surfer / Dipper (3 – 5 years)

Surfer – Surface support for 30sec, front and back swim with arm action and flutter kick up to 15m, side breathing, face in with buoyant aid.
Dipper – Front and back swim 25m, intro to front and back crawl, standing dive, and surface support for 45 seconds.

Red Cross equivalent: Whale

Learn to Swim

Otter (6 years +)

This level is for beginner swimmers. To complete: submerge, holding breath, front and back float unassisted, front and back swim 5m.

Red Cross equivalent: Swim Kids 1

Seal (6 years +)

Deep end activities on a more regular basis. Build endurance and stamina to proceed onto length swimming. To complete: surface support 20sec; front and back float in deep water unassisted; front and back swim 10m.

Red Cross equivalent: Swim Kids 2

Dolphin (6 years +)

Build endurance and stamina for length swimming and instruction. To complete: tread in deep water 45sec, front glide with kick, face in, side-breathing 15m, front and back swim with arm and leg action 15m. Jump into deep water and swim 15m.

Red Cross equivalent: Swim Kids 3

Swimmer (6 years +)

Introduction to length swimming. To complete: initial standard front crawl 25m; back swim 25m; tread water 60sec; jump into deep water and swim 50m.

Red Cross equivalent: Swim Kids 4

Star Program

Star 1

To complete: front crawl intermediate standard; back crawl initial standard; tread water 90sec; endurance swim of 75m.

Red Cross equivalent: Swim Kids 5

Star 2

To complete: front crawl advanced standard; back crawl intermediate standard; elementary backstroke initial standard; endurance swim 350m (14 lengths) throughout program; tread water 2min.

Red Cross equivalent: Swim Kids 6

Star 3

To complete: back crawl advanced standard; elementary backstroke intermediate standard; breast stroke initial standard; endurance swim 300m (12 lengths).

Red Cross equivalent: Swim Kids 7

Star 4

To complete: recognition and care for an obstructed, conscious victim; eggbeater kick 60sec; elementary backstroke 50m advanced standard, breast stroke 50m intermediate standard. Endurance swim 400m (16 lengths).

Red Cross equivalent: Swim Kids 8

Star 5

To complete: swim 200m in under 6min; eggbeater kick 2min; breast stroke 50m advanced standard; sidestroke 25m initial standard; endurance swim 500m (20 lengths).

Red Cross equivalent: Swim Kids 9

Star 6

To complete: rescue unconscious victim with obstructed airway; sidestroke 50m intermediate standard; butterfly stroke 25m initial standard; endurance swim 600m(24 lengths); help teach a swim skill.

Red Cross equivalent: Swim Kids 10

Star 7

To complete: recognition and care for bone/joint injuries; respiratory distress and asthma/anaphylaxis; create and deliver 3 fun activities for a stroke/skill; 400m swim in under 12min.