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Low Intensity


A low impact, low intensity class focusing on cardio, weights and balance.

Lite and Lively

A low impact, low intensity workout using a combination of movements and light weights to increase strength and develop cardio health.

Wellness Program

An exercise program focusing on Chronic Disease Management.

Tai Chi

A contemporary approach to classical exercise forms, martial art, traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy.

Medium Intensity

YMCA Arriba

is a high energy dance based fitness party where we focus on the basic Latin rhythms – Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaeton with a splash of Dance, Bollywood, Belly Dance, Hip Hop and any other rhythm you can move your hips and feet to!

YMCA Barre

is a dynamic, energizing class that integrates the ballet barre, weighted balls, resistance bands and other equipment to provide a full body stretch and strength workout with a dance-like approach to upbeat and inspiring music.

Bodyfit Circuit

A variety of cardio and muscle conditioning exercises for a total body workout.


This class focuses on increasing strength, toning, flexibility, coordination, balance, and posture using controlled movements.

Power Step

This is a choreographed Step class designed to push your cardio into high gear!


A class that focuses on muscle conditioning with various weights.


A high intensity class working on resistance training and cardio focusing on leg strength and endurance

Step and More

This moderate to high intensity class combines choreographed step class with muscle work.

Stability Ball

This moderate class will use the ball for an overall challenge.


Increase flexibility, release tension and make the mind and body connection in this class through breathing, postures and relaxation techniques.

Strong Bodies

Is a moderate intensity fat-burning, muscle-sculpting workout  that  combines interval training with a total-body strength-building program

High Intensity


A moderate to high intensity cycling workout. Participants must bring a water bottle and towel.

Hard Core

This high intensity workout focuses on abdominal muscles, lower back and various intervals.


A moderate to high intensity class using suspension training that uses your own body weight as resistance.

Brighton YMCA Personal Training

This is a fee for service for members and non-members Our Personal Trainer will meet with you one-on-one and identify health profile and design a program to target your fitness goals and then work with you to help achieve those objectives.
Rate for members: 1 session $50.00, 2 sessions $90.00 and 4 sessions $170.00 (plus applicable taxes)
Call Diane Newman Reed @ 613-827-8421
*Valid for one year from the date of purchase
*applies to Brighton YMCA Facility only

Individual Programs

All members are invited to take advantage of individual Programing and Program Update services. This is a free service included with your membership. Trained fitness staff will take you through a complementary Conditioning Center Orientation, to provide technique correction to ensure you are on the path to achieving your fitness goals. Staff  will assist you in planning  and developing  a custom fitness program for you to follow on your own.