Telephone survey of adult residents in the Cobourg area

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COBOURG – YMCA Northumberland is considering strategies to improve the provision of YMCA services available in Cobourg. The YMCA service planning process involves developing an understanding of resident’s current participation in recreational, fitness, health and aquatic activities as well as their future activity preferences.

The YMCA has commissioned research to support the planning process. A major component of the research is the conduct of a telephone survey focused on adult residents in the Cobourg area to obtain their opinions concerning recreation, fitness, health and aquatic services.

LeisurePlan International Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in planning and market research within the health, fitness, aquatic and recreation fields in Ontario, will be conducting the telephone survey. The survey will run throughout the months of July and August.

The telephone survey will be of a randomly selected, statistically valid and representative sample of adult residents of the Cobourg area between the ages of 20 and 64 years of age. Each adult resident is equally likely to be contacted and each interview will take approximately ten minutes to complete.

If you are one of the randomly selected adult residents contacted to participate in the survey, please take the time to respond. Your feedback will assist in the planning and provision of services by the YMCA. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential.

If residents would like more information they can contact any of the following:

YMCA Northumberland
Eunice Kirkpatrick, CEO
1-905-372-9247 x 242

LeisurePlan International Inc
John A. Stevenson, Project Director