Helmut Bock – Caucasus 2017 for YMCA Strong Kids

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Dear friends,

Biking is a definite passion of mine. Having the chance to bike around Canada and abroad, experiencing life and community has made me appreciate the safe and welcoming community Northumberland has to offer, at the centre, we find YMCA Northumberland. The YMCA is doing great work – not only by helping me stay fit so I can continue to travel – but by helping me feel like I have a supportive network I can rely on.

I’ve decided to continue my around the world bicycle ride and dedicate this portion of my trip to raise funds for the Y’s Annual Strong Kids Campaign. The YMCA offers assistance to anyone unable to afford their programs. I want to make sure everyone in our community can find health, happiness and a sense of belonging.

I embark on my adventure May 18th and my proposed route totals approximately 3800 km and will take about 40 days. I will ride through the Caucasus – Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia – and then into Turkey to finish in Istanbul. I will be documenting my trip on my blog bockonabike: https://bockonabike.wordpress.com

An exciting trip dedicated to a worthy cause. I hope you will join me in my mission to raise $1,000.00 (or more) by the time I return to Canada.

Thank you for supporting my campaign. Every gift makes a difference