Lets get climbing at the YMCA

//Lets get climbing at the YMCA

Adult Rock Climbing | Monday nights 8-9pm

In 2011, the Cobourg YMCA installed an indoor climbing wall in the gymnasium. Every week, children and adults of all ages conquer their fears and complete a challenging task that requires great agility, strength and courage. To some, the rock wall can be very intimidating, but with our help you will be climbing like a champ in no time.

This year, we are introducing a new indoor rock climbing program for adults. This six week program, instructed by outdoor enthusiast Bart Spiewak, owner of Green Canoe Outfitters in Cobourg, will refresh your workout routine and introduce you to a different activity that will get your heart pumping and your muscles aching. Rock climbing provides a full body workout that strengthens your core, arms, back and legs every step of the way.

With trained staff and an experienced instructor by your side, your climbing adventure will be nothing but fun and excitement! Change up your routine and try indoor rock climbing! Plus, it might just become your new favourite activity.