The Cobourg YMCA Learn to Run program is here to help!

//The Cobourg YMCA Learn to Run program is here to help!

Do you know how to run?

It’s a simple question, and probably something you may never ask yourself.  After all, what’s so tough about running, right?  You put one foot in front of the other and repeat the process as quickly as possible.

However, did you know running improperly, especially for long distances, can cause serious damage to your body while not giving you the benefits of running you would expect?

Luckily, YMCA Northumberland’s Learn to Run program is here to help!
Learn to Run is a group program that will have you running five kilometers in just ten weeks. This program will take you from walking to running with the help of our expert coaches and fellow runners, covering every aspect of running from shoes to nutrition and goal setting.

How running with a group will help you achieve your goals?

We all have friends with different interests. We have friends who enjoy golfing, shopping, watching sports games or all of the above. When you begin your running journey, it’s best to have a friend along the way for support, motivation and companionship. By running with a group, you meet people with similar interests and goals. You have someone who experiences the same challenges and celebrates the same accomplishments.

Similar Goals
Let’s face it, if you begin your running journey with people who have been running for years you will feel overwhelmed and defeated. By starting with a group of runners at the same stage as yourself, you’ll have a much higher chance of success. You’ll have people around you who understand your struggles throughout your running journey because they’re probably going through them too.

Have you tried running before but it only lasted a few weeks? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, the hardest part of running is finding the motivation to continue. With a group of runners, there is motivation all around you and people who help you do your best. There will be days when it will be difficult to get up and go, but knowing your fellow runners will be with you every step of the way can make all the difference. Remember, run for progress, not perfection.

Running doesn’t get easier, you get stronger. Enjoy the journey!