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Helping kids and teens grow up healthy, active and engaged is why the YMCA exists. Since 1952, YMCA Northumberland has provided fun camp adventures that combine new friendships, physical activity and personal growth to create memories that last a lifetime. We believe camp is like no other childhood experience–one that every child deserves to take part in. Summer camp is a special community for kids to come together to have fun.
YMCA Northumberland is committed to responding to the challenges kids face today: lack of time outside, loneliness, sedentary lifestyles, pressures at school and the emotions that come with growing up. Our values based, child-centred programs offer children ages three to 16 a chance to be active and have fun in a positive, safe environment. Whether it’s learning independence or finding out they really do have what it takes to conquer the rockwall or low ropes, your kids can reach their full potential at the YMCA.

The importance of summer camp

Quality Time Together
Summer camp is a place for children to step out of their everyday lives to explore new adventures and create lasting friendships. It gives children valuable time with other children building confidence and self-esteem. It is also important for kids to be away from their parents and family. It allows them to learn they have the capability to do things on their own. Giving children an opportunity to play, learn and grow together is one of the best gifts you can give.

Kids Can Be Kids
Summer camp gives children an opportunity to play all day long. Whether their stretching their imaginations or stretching their muscles, children participate in physical and creative activities that promote healthy living and teamwork. Kids quickly become aware of their physical prowess and their ability to challenge themselves in various ways. At camp, kids have fun doing what they do best – playing.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors
Summer camp forces children to unplug and enjoy the outdoor playground around us. We take advantage of the beautiful weather and property we have by creating outdoor activities including low ropes course, archery, beach days and more. At camp, children discover for themselves the world around them. Camp opens children’s eyes and gives them different experiences beyond their day-to-day lives. It helps them ask new questions and develop innovative ideas.

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