YMCA Child Care – Giving our kids their best start

//YMCA Child Care – Giving our kids their best start

For decades, the YMCA has offered child care programs across Canada for children from toddler through age 12, with a focus on making sure children get the best start in life. YMCA is one of the largest providers of child care in Canada, with a nationally recognized child care curriculum, YMCA Playing to Learn.

Our Playing to Learn curriculum is very closely aligned with today’s kindergarten ELECT Program, which gives parents confidence that their children will feel more self-assured and prepared when entering school.

The YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum provides a foundation for learning through creative play and prepares children for primary school learning. This program combines three decades of experience in child care delivery with the latest body of knowledge on how a child’s brain develops and how children learn.

YMCA Northumberland now has 10 Child Care Centres throughout the county, in locations that serve more families in more communities throughout Northumberland. The YMCA is focused on providing every opportunity for parents and children to have access to resources and play-based learning models to help with early development, while also providing access to affordable quality licensed child care.

We are fully committed to our children’s education and development and to maximizing the personal growth of each young person in our care. This is why we work directly with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and the Ministry of Education to ensure we meet all standards while offering a seamless transition from child care to school.

Child Care can be a huge financial load on families. Through Northumberland County Children’s Services, subsidies for child care services are made available for those families that need assistance. The YMCA believes parents shouldn’t have to choose between quality and affordability. We therefore make sure our services offer the best opportunity for every child.

All of the YMCAs programs teach children about values of caring, respect, responsibility, honesty and inclusiveness. Getting your child involved in the YMCA early on gives them a leg up: it builds the critical factors children need to thrive and become healthy, caring, and resilient adults.