YMCA Aquatics – The importance of learning how to swim

//YMCA Aquatics – The importance of learning how to swim

YMCA Northumberland is the largest provider of aquatics programs in the county. We provide hundreds of children with quality swimming lessons each year while also guarding our beaches and safeguarding our area pools. But, it’s more than just that. YMCA aquatics programs teach participants how to be safe in and around water, which saves hundreds of lives every year!

The benefits of learning how to swim are enormous. YMCA swimming lessons teach children different strokes, lifesaving skills, first aid, and even how to swim long distances! These skills may not only one day save their lives, but the life of someone else!

In Northumberland County, we enjoy a wide variety of aquatic activities thanks to the many lakes, waterfronts, and recreational facilities surrounding us. Tragically, hundreds of Canadians die each year in water-related fatalities.

YMCA Northumberland lifeguards supervise our four area pools and the Cobourg beach every summer. Statistics show that very few drownings occur in lifeguard-supervised settings, but more can be done to prevent water-related incidents by making learn-to-swim programs a priority for every child.

YMCA Northumberland strives to serve more people in more communities throughout Northumberland by offering our aquatics services in Cobourg, Trent Hills, Cramahe, and Alderville First Nation.

In Ontario in 2013, there were 113 reported drownings, up from 105 in 2012 and 97 in 2011, making learning to swim an important life skill that all children should learn early on.

The YMCA developed the first nationally recognized aquatics program in 1931 and has continued to train aquatics leaders ever since.

Last year, 2650 kids participated in swim lessons at YMCA Northumberland. Our aquatics programs teach these children about the joy and safety of swimming, while also exposing them to health and fitness, as well as social and life skills. Our aquatics programs include lessons for infants through to adults, aqua fitness classes, plus aquatics leadership and certification programs.

YMCA swim lessons focus on building confidence, personal growth, leadership, and skill development. Swimming is also a great physical activity that builds strength and stamina without putting pressure on bones and joints; a skill that can keep anyone active throughout their lifetime!

YMCA Aquatic Leadership Programs trains young people to be lifeguards through the First Aid and Lifeguard Training; creating young leaders and helping them to develop employable skills that contribute to a healthier and safer community.

There are many situations where a child might come in contact with or be around water including, for example, school trips and family trips. Learning to swim means your children will get more enjoyment out of water-based activities because they’ll have the experience and confidence of being around water. Without good-quality swimming training, they may miss out on enjoyable activities through their lifetime simply because they never learned how to swim.

The YMCA believes every child deserves the chance to reach their full potential. We want to be sure the opportunity to grow and thrive is available to all children. Swimming is a basic skill all children should learn and YMCA Northumberland is making that experience accessible to every child regardless of their family’s financial status.

There is no better time than now to get your child swimming at the YMCA!