Arriba Launch Party

//Arriba Launch Party

Arriba! A new Dance based cardio class taking over the Cobourg YMCA.

Join us Monday, January 19th from 7pm – 8pm for our ARRIBA LAUNCH PARTY, open to everyone.

The YMCA is jazzing up the New Year by introducing a new cardio based choreographed dance class into their roster called Arriba. Arriba is already attracting big crowds!

How is this different from the popular Zumba Dance Classes?

Arriba has evolved beyond just simple dance routines to focus on fitness movements to increase participants’ cardiovascular output. Participants will still get to shake their hips, salsa, hip-hop and belly dance their way to better health with the additional benefit of strengthen their core, toning and shaping muscles while focusing on balance and movement.

Arriba is already attracting big crowds with over 40 participants attending opening sessions and more classes being added to the Cobourg YMCA schedule.

So what’s the Deal?

Why is this class so popular and can someone really benefit from adding Arriba to their fitness routine. Absolutely! Dance based cardio fitness is not new, but this fresh take is more engaging, with instructors prompting the class with fitness directions to ensure maximum conditioning. Unlike its predecessor Zumba, instructors will explain movements and coach participant as they progress through the routines and show how to get the most out of the movements.

Here are a few key advantages to considering adding Arriba to your workout options

The music is fun with greater variety of Latin, hip-hop and top 40.

Make no mistake about it, with energetic instructors leading these classes you can get your heart rate up AND work your muscles like you wouldn’t imagine. The more you put into the movements the more you will work your body, so pump those arms and step wide!

The group atmosphere makes it feel more like a party then a workout, keeping you motivated long enough to burn those calories. A welcome change from the treadmill.

Are there really health benefits to this type of class?

Let’s face it. Many will not want to try for reasons like; I can’t dance or It isn’t really exercise, it won’t make me sweat or How can dancing make me healthier?

For starters think outside the box. Here are just a few of the benefits to joining in and reaping the benefits of Arriba!

Cardiovascular Conditioning
Make no mistake this class will raise your heart rate and aerobic exercise of any kind help lower risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and weight management.  We will say it again, you will get out of it what you put into it – so dance like no one is looking and feel yourself sweat!

Total body
The contrasting movement, stretching and extending of limbs in this class will promote agility, flexibility as well as improve coordination and balance and will ensure no muscle group is ignored. For those senior participants, this weight-bearing activity will help improve done density and improve muscle strength.

Arriba provides a social component we all need and a sense of camaraderie in working out together and having fun while doing it. This class is enjoyable and engaging which has the benefit of lowering stress, improving energy and mood and increasing self-esteem and confidence.

So come in to Cobourg YMCA and give it a try. It may surprise you.

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